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As a Sitefinity Partner, it is our mission to help you get the best out of your investment.

Award winning, UK based partners of Progress Sitefinity. We will help you empower your marketing through facilitating the acquisition, implementation, and the personalisation features of Sitefinity.

Why Sitefinity?

An integrated platform that enables engaging content creation and digital experience. Sitefinity covers various consumer journey touchpoints while enabling features such as personalization for a unique journey.  

Reduce day to day reliance on IT by 80% and empowers the marketing(Increase productivity by 3X) through its easy user friendly Drag and Drop interface. The interface allows the creation of new design layouts with drag and drop widgets.    

Deliver consistent, compelling experiences across multiple channels and devices and reap a 300% increase in customer engagement. Leverage machine learning technology to personalize experiences across audiences to increase conversions and revenue.

Sitefinity CMS provides connectors that can be linked with various CRM systems to drive better informed decisions. 

Deliver experiences and campaigns up to 60% faster with the Sitefinity high-productivity approach and outperform the competition. 

With its SEO tools, conversion tracking, personalization, data integration, and built in forms components. Sitefinity will increase you conversions.  It will also make you generate more leads through capturing contact profiles from landing pages and downloads.

Great Content Is the Key to a Great Experience

"Sitefinity is one of the most flexible platforms I have ever used that doesn't require you to be a developer."

— Head Of Engineering in the Education Industry  

"Sitefinity is one of the most flexible platforms I have ever used that doesn't require you to be a developer."

— Head Of Engineering in the Education Industry  

How we can help you

We will guide you throughout the process and help you maximise your investment in digital and improve the customer experience.

We provide the full service Sitefinity License

We provide a technical audit for your current tools, develop strategies and plans to align the CMS with your objectives prior to the implementation 

Content optimisation through implementing A/B tests, personalized consumer journeys, and advanced analytics features 

Trusted By Leading Companies

Are you ready for your business to take off? 

Join the leading companies that trust Sitefinity CMS and upgrade your digital experience. With an expertise in the platform and an access to high levels maintenance and support we are capable of helping you acquire, architect and deploy the platform to maximize your ROI

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(+44) 023 8038 1673

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Digital | Insight | Strategy

Cutting the long story short.

It's complex out there. Making informed decisions has never been more difficult - or more important. Let us be your filter, removing the noise and leaving you with the most relevant and game-changing thinking as the loudest signal ~

Economies, markets, technologies and trends are in a constant state of flux, urging organisations to continuously respond and innovate. The mind-set must be pro-active rather than reactive and customer-focused rather than self-directed. We'll help you to think differently and identify ways to transform your business into a responsive, digitally-mature organisation. Together, we can create a cohesive strategy that is both enlightened and commercially intelligent.

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Combining a strategy-led approach with business insight and a deep understanding of technology, we help organisations maximise their investment in digital and improve the customer experience.

Break silos, generate ideas and see the road ahead

Align initiatives and develop a common vision of success

Make the right choices and avoid expensive mistakes

Analyse, understand and optimise the Customer Experience

Evidencing Success

All Projects

Strategy and technology implementation of an integrated digital platform.

Growing brand awareness and sales for an under-penetrated product category.

Customer experience analysis and strategy for a better self-service.


We are a team of digital experts with global experience, having worked with some of the world's most respected Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Hospitality, Public Sector, Retail and Healthcare companies.

A partner you can trust.

"Rika consultants possess a rare combination of knowledge about the latest trends in Customer Experience, the technical ability to execute on them, and the experience to do so effectively."

- Ivailo Ivanonv, Senior Product Manager at Progress

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Last Updated April 2018

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